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    Mineral County, Nevada was created in 1911 and is located in West-Central Nevada with the rugged Wassuk Range serving as a boundary dividing Mineral County from Mono County, California and Lyon County, Nevada. The Wassuk Range averages 9,000 feet elevation with Mt. Grant extending up to 11,245 feet.
    Mineral County is generally mountainous, with canyons and large arid plateaus rising upward from the Walker Lake Basin.
     The name, Mineral, was aptly chosen since the county has a considerable and unique variety of mineral wealth which remains undeveloped. Probably no comparable area on the American Continent has so many varied mineral deposits. Included are gold, silver, copper, tungsten, iron, coal, borax, lead and gemstone rocks in a bewildering variety.
      Aurora was the largest-producing area in Mineral County and in 1884 supported a population of 10,000 people. Today, it lies deserted with only a few buildings and some headstones in the cemetery to show the visitor a reflection of its famous past.
     A mild climate provides excellence in semi-desert living in this part of Nevada. Year-round temperatures average to about 55 degrees with snow falling in the winter months on an intermittent basis.
   Mineral County's primary industry is the U. S. Ammunition Depot which is the worlds largest facility of its kind.
     Tourism plays an important part in the county's economy as the outdoor enthusiast can find adventure in hiking, horseback riding, motorcycling, fishing, hunting, swimming, water skiing, rock, bottle and artifact hunting, and ghost town exploring.
    Mineral County's unique combination of modern industry, deserted mining towns, abundant recreation and western hospitality make it an area in the State of Nevada for the visitor to enjoy.
    Whatever the visitor's interests are, they can bet on Mineral County, Nevada for a good share of everything, including those treasured possessions, freedom, relaxation, open space and quiet.
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